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Over the years , he was relatively poor family life , but he always remembers to face life with a smile , indomitable spirit , with a never -ending state of fluency in the ocean of life . He , as a self- written hollister uk sale online literature of public good , and he believed that all the efforts are worth paying and will enhance their self-reliance, his life is rich , beautiful achievements of the world.

Youthful dreams

He was born in the town of mouth chee , which is a state-level poverty-stricken counties , it is a typical reservoir , mountains, old , border towns, front of the house is a rich blue water lake behind the house is a mountain camellia stretches without a break . There is bad because it is an early immigrant family composition , no hills and fields to the house at all . Parents from dawn to dusk every day , slaving away in return for a new wasteland meager income on the land . Since he and his sister to school, increasing the cost of the home , often make ends meet, stretched, so parents only their homes, wandering out to fill the home . That year, Li x only ten years old , because grandparents died early, while lodging at aunt , officially became a veritable children left behind . Not to learn, not illiterate, only to see the father and mother of the New Year . Thus with the first truancy , beaten for the first time hollister uk sale online, the first time the night in tears wanted to father and mother . He does not envy the poor in the rich, but dreaming of poverty in the warmth. Because he belongs to the first group of children left behind , so he knew the left-behind children really need is not just a " Gentleman when self-reliance" , but also need to remember how their " Left" and thus help more "Left ." Because left behind , so he fell in love with " Left" ; since left behind , so he fell in love with charity : but because staying , he put " Gentleman when the self-reliance" deeply into the mind. To university , from a volunteer to a volunteer ordinary cadres , Li x aware of their mission - they need. Every time he went to nursing homes , orphanages , schools for children with intellectual disabilities to carry out Wuchang " Kai Hui " campaign , go to the old house Xianning children left the village to carry out caring activities in his blood boiling , he wanted to use his love to wake up more love to guard the mountains of the children left behind . Whether in "starter Volunteer Alliance " or the " Wuhan in action" , even in college as a little volunteer work he was doing walking. Either way, he knew the hardships of the road , because his goal - not only become strong student life, he has to be strong in real life , using their own words to complete his charity literary dreams, but also to own words to complete his charity magazine dream.

When the dream shines into reality , it is the rainy season flowers hollister uk sale online bloom

Some people , their hearts can only be cultivated once, once, rather barren. Later, people can only sit and watch it die barren . ¬ how he and some people can not die , only the great self-reliance so that we live a worthy death . That year, the college entrance examination failure message as clear sky thunderbolt fall, this time Li x no trace of joy in the face of other students holding undergraduate college admission notice , to stay in his face just a touch of melancholy. Looked at his father's full head of gray hair , and his sister while he was admitted because of how huge load from tuition ; still that nagging mother, cheer for me again broken Loulan . This is again the suffering of his life, to face the consequences of his confused, thought everything would be expected to develop their own in accordance with that , but now broken dreams , and in the end is to go out to earn money for the family to share more , or to continue their education , the issue has been hanging over him , as long unable to dissipate the haze . The road is long Come, happiness and earth . Li x understand his sister do well than their own , and may even continue after PubMed ; They also understand that tuition is undoubtedly give this poor family had another burden ; better understand the rural children to go to college , their parents and have to how many hardships borne . So, he filled in the College Entrance Examination random book immediately went to work in Wenzhou Easley Corporation , the road in the distance, self-improvement is his choice. At this point, he began to like the text,hollister uk sale online like the text in the share of public enthusiasm.

Two months, Li x fearless sun sweat , more fearless life stumbling , he just trying to do the simple things . In September innovative garden , he took two months' wages for admission to the summer ordinary university, began his new life . On campus, he was hardworking , serious learning , leisure time actively participate in various sports activities , such as adding youth volunteers , Literary Society , English horn , etc., Li x trying to do every one of his own choice. He also took advantage of the weekend to food delivery , leaflets , promotional , etc., in order to subsidize their living expenses. Slowly, Li x win the first " Outstanding Volunteer ", " national motivational scholarships ," and so on, I am no longer confused because I have to pay hospital students self-improvement tradition. During college, by virtue of their part-time earned more than ten thousand and a thousand scholarships , subsidies for basic need at home , and passed the Class A third deputy White Paper exam. He regrets the university , although there have been chased had to catch up , Daye had spurned Minerals Management Company Limited , had Xin Yusheng ship management company puzzled , but he said his fearless self-improvement . At the same time , he began settled Network article , officially went into his dream to build a company that specializes in care for children left behind the company , hosting a magazine about the children left behind . Someone said: Suffering is a university , to come out from there are strong. He has thanked his Houci fate , so he grew temper the storm hollister uk sale online of life. So, he has no reason not to do a persistent and firm dreamer , higher and farther toward a larger goal of forging ahead .

Youthful dreams set sail

Delicately title page , drunk is Love in the tender ; Way back in the past , singing all the way in and the line and away. Some people say : do not care about the scenery along the way of youth , only care about the feelings that time .hollister uk sale online Some people say : youth on the road, only to find that the youth in the madness ; youth on the road, only to find the share of strange familiarity , a person, a journey , one kind of story , and sometimes mood. Anyway, he was trying to youth , he wrote a good charity for the self literature, he believed that all the efforts are worth paying and will enhance their self-reliance, enrich his life , achievements in the world of dreams. Until last May , the first time he took to the venue to do charity ambassador , received his first magazine asked him to public service , the first time a combination of text and true charity , he does not always feel distant dream can not be contingent and . Either way, he knew the hardships of the road , because of his youth, his dream - not only become strong student life, he has to be strong in real life , using their own words to complete his dream of public literature , but also to their own words to complete his charity magazine dream. But he silently promised youthful dreams flying, ever let past memories , fleeting longer lonely .

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